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First installment due in Mason County

Mason County Treasurer, Cari Meeker, would like to remind the tax payers that the first installment of real estate taxes and mobile home privilege tax is due on Monday, August 3rd. At this time, a mask is required to enter the courthouse and the Treasurer’s office only allows one person at a time in the office to maintain CDC social distance requirements. If someone is in the office, please wait in the hallway until the person has left the office. A payment drop box has been installed if you don’t wish to enter the building. It is located on the exterior wall to the left of the door to enter the courthouse. Please do not deposit cash in the drop box. Taxes may also be mailed and the postmark is accepted for the due date. Any payment made by a check, the cancelled check will serve as the receipt. If you would like a stamped receipt, please send a self-addressed envelope that has postage included with your payment. Payments left in the drop box after 4pm will be processed on the next business day. Please read the back of your real estate tax bill for more information on other payment options or you may contact the Treasurer’s office at (309) 543-3359.

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