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Stephanie Darnell Constant

Stephanie Darnell Constant, passed away peacefully the evening of March 30, 2020 after a long fight with health challenges. She ran the race and finished it as a winner. She was born in Springfield as Stephanie Darnell Lane on September 9, 1978 to Rodney Lane, Sr. and Donna Pepmeyer Lane. She was raised in Havana, one of the best supporters of the Havana Ducks during her school years. You would find her at every game during the school season and at the pool every day during summer. She worked in her early years at Logan Mason Rehabilitation Center in Lincoln and made many friends there. Stephanie loved to love people. Her entire life has been filled with people she calls friends. If she knew you, she liked you, and often she longed for connection with others. It made her feel special when she was included and when she was included, you got Stephanie 100%. While God made Stephanie one of a kind, he gave her two other one of a kind gifts: her children; Jasmine Marie born December 2000 and Andrew Michael born July 2003. She loved being a mother to them and loved them with all of her being. Her favorite things in life were watching her children succeed as they involved themselves in activities from singing to plays and art. Stephanie exercised her joys of life in several ways. She never missed a carnival or fair. She played a mean game of Yahtzee. She loved to play Bingo. She loved karaoke, listening to country music and gospel music. Her brother would tell you she makes the best deviled eggs known to man. Stephanie loved to laugh and at times would drop the best one liner jokes that would send people into stitches with laughter. Steph drank Pepsi like it was going out of style and loved good home cooked meals. She loved to spend time with her Mom, and they did life side by side for many years as a couple of like-minded hens. They loved each other dearly. She is survived by her parents, Donna Johnson and Dan Johnson of Petersburg, and Rodney Lane, Sr. of Springfield; her children, Jasmine Marie and Andrew Michael of Petersburg; and her brother and lifelong annoyance, Rod Lane, Jr. (wife, Kelly Lane) of Springfield. She is also survived by two nephews, Isaiah Brennan Lane and Landon Tate Lane; and one niece, Mairin Lane, all of Peoria Heights. Stephanie is also survived by her cherished fiancé, Todd Timm of Lincoln, whom she loved, as well as many more special friends from Lincoln that she met during her years at Logan Mason Rehab Workshop. Many additional friends and family are also in her heart for eternity, far too many to list here. If she knew you, it’s safe to say this to you now: she loved you. We hope you can take great joy in that as she runs to the arms of the God who loves her, he is giving her a brand new body, in a place he made just for her, with no pain, no infection, and no more needles. Lincoln Land Cremation Society will provide cremation. A private family service will be held with a public celebration of life later in the year to follow. Thanks for reading a few words about a person who gave life her best. Please show someone kindness and love today in her memory. It would make her smile. Memorial donations may be made to Jasmine and Andrew Constant in care of Sandridge New Hope Baptist Church, 15777 Oakford St., Petersburg, IL 62675. Please visit to offer your condolences.

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  1. Susan on June 2, 2023 at 3:30 pm

    R.I.P Steph!

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